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FAQs about Brand Assets:

Aorask Brand Assets include all logos, trademarks, and other visual elements associated with Aorask, a Social Questions & Answer platform.
Yes, you can use the Aorask logo for collaboration and partnership purposes on both the Aorask platform and other platforms, as long as it complies with our guidelines.
Yes, there are several restrictions:

- You cannot use the Aorask logo as a profile picture, in posts, videos, or any material that could give a bad impression of Aorask.

- The logo cannot be used in any context that does not comply with our terms and conditions.
No, the Aorask logo cannot be edited or have its color changed. This is to prevent confusion and ensure brand consistency.
No, the word "Aorask" cannot be used in any domain name, username, name on any platform, or as part of any brand name.
The Aorask logo should be used as provided without any modifications. It should be displayed clearly and should not be distorted or misrepresented in any way.
Misuse of Aorask Brand Assets can result in legal action and termination of any collaboration or partnership agreements. Always ensure that your use complies with our guidelines and terms.
Aorask Brand Assets can be downloaded from our official website. Please ensure you follow the guidelines provided when using these assets.
For any further questions or clarifications, please contact our support team at Aorask will assist you with any queries related to brand asset usage